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DeTech, Inc.  Teams Up With the WAFS to Help Educate Wisconsin Families On Fire Safety

DeTech, Inc’s President & CEO, Michael Hafeman, was elected to the board of directors for the Wisconsin Alliance for Fire Safety (WAFS) In 2001. In 2007 he was nominated and voted in as the Vice Chairman for a 3-year term and then was re-elected to the same position in 2010.  He is also the chairperson for their Education Committee.

The WAFS is a non-profit organization established over 19 years ago. Their mission is “to promote, encourage, and foster fire safety, burn prevention and public fire safety education.”  They support burn survivors of all ages in addition to sponsorship of the Summer Camp for Burn Injured Youth.

Michael’s major role within this organization is on the Education Committee.  Two of the major programs he oversees are:

1.    Newspapers In Education or NIE – This program was coordinated through a co-sponsorship with the Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel and several other major sponsors.  Each year the WAFS and the Journal/Sentinel produce a high quality informational periodical that is completely focused on fire safety and burn prevention, specifically geared toward families and young children.  The booklet is distributed during Fire Prevention Month in October to all 4th through 7th grade students in nearly 4000 schools throughout the state of Wisconsin.  It is also inserted in the Journal/Sentinel’s Sunday addition during Fire Prevention Week.  The goal behind this is to reach as many school aged children as possible with the hopes of educating them on fire and burn prevention.  Also, since the students will receive the information through the schools each year for four years, the information is being ingrained into them with the hope to make them more aware and prepared.

2.    The WAFS informational website – The goal of the WAFS website is to be used as a resource to support local communities, fire department, schools and families to become more knowledgeable about fire safety and burn prevention.  You can find out more information about the WAFS by going to

The WAFS is totally dependent on volunteers and donors. Many volunteers come from the fire services and hospitals with burn units.  The WAFS functions successfully due to the passion of all the people that truly care about burn survivors and helping to prevent Wisconsin families from the devastation of fire and burns.

DeTech, Inc and many of their dealers, who promote fire safety through educational presentations and by marketing high-quality fire alarms systems, are supporters of the WAFS and their mission.  All Wisconsin dealers and DeTech, Inc. are currently members of the WAFS.

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